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Blågårdsgade 31, 2200 København N

Please Let Me Die Already

Joakim Almroth, Erdal Bilici, Eva Zar, Peter Phobia, Yannick Val Gesto, Joachim Beens, Graeme Arnfield, Magnus Humle

Kurator: Arash Shahali

15.10.2016 - 16.10.2016


In this exhibition the merger between humans and social technology is explored as a means to achieve eternal life on the digital plane.

Traditionally, humans have always pictured themselves at the center of things, with technology being the Other.

Our brainchild, that both inspires us and fills us with fear and anguish.

However, in this age of hyperconnectivity, where the digital pervades almost every aspect of our lives, is it really viable to oppose the human and the technological?

Wouldn’t one rather look at humans as entities that are intricately enmeshed with technological enhancements; hybrid creatures with both biological and digital traits?

How ‘virtual’ is the reality of the online sphere, if it is experienced with the same level of intensity and sincerity as our irl-interactions?

Considering that our digital representations are integral parts of our humanity, what happens when our biological substrate is taken out of the equation?

Perhaps our physical passing no longer needs to entail the end of our existence.

Maybe digital technology is our key to eternal life, our philosopher’s stone 2.0, allowing us to roam the vast lands of cyberspace endlessly.

We all have those deceased Facebook-friends who keep popping up in our feed, haunting our online interactions with their ghostly presence, posing the question whether or not it is possible to be forgotten in this hyperconnected world?

And through this everlasting remembrance, is it possible to actually die or is our afterlife eternally secured by means of a stable wifi-connection?

The curators are interested in seeing how artists tackle these existencial themes, how they view these techno- spiritual humanoid hybrids and their defiance of death.

Heaven and the afterlife have been a popular motive throughout the history of art, and we look forward to see how this next chapter in (trans-)human evolution is interpreted by contemporary artists, both conceptually and aesthetically.

Curated by Arash Shahali and Laurence Scherz

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