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Strange Party Orchestra

23.03.2013 - 08.09.2013

Lydudstilling i Palæhaven


The exhibition presents a series of soundscapes of composers from Strange Party Orchestra - Anders Vestergaard and Kåre Elers.

In the experience of reality, we expect picture and sound to match. If one imagines a factory, you see a picture of the factory with the sound of machines. But what happens to our perception, if the image of the factory will be assigned to the sound of chirping birds instead of the sound of the machines? Most people would think that the sound does not match what you see, while few will think that what you see is not fit to what we hear.
This paradox - that our visual imagination overwhelms our auditory - is an interesting tension to explore. Vestergaard and Elers compose their soundscapes from the idea that what you hear and experience of the world sounds speaks to our fantasy and imagination.

The Palace Garden is the visual frame for the soundscapes. The soundscapes creates unexpected experiences in each garden space. The listener will experience new stories that take the starting point in the auditory experience.

Vestergaard and Elers work is based on recordings of sound of the world. Sounds recorded by themselves on trips around the world. This has become an index of thousands of recordings. Each audio recording last exactly one minute.
Soundscapes created for the Palace Garden is composed of different sounds from around the world. The sounds are processed in a compositional form to form, as well tonal as atonal sounds and rhythmic as well as unrhytmical structures. Vestergaard and Elers attach often their soundscapes small displacements of repetitive sounds which then take the form of a narrative story. Layers upon layers of processed sound recordings create finally a new auditory reality of the world sound.

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