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Stereo Exchange

Mariendalsvej 52A st. th., 2000 Frederiksberg

Torsdag - fredag 15-18, lørdag 12-15

Pipaluk Lake + Hilda Ekeroth

Pipaluk Lake, Hilda Ekeroth

16.03.2019 - 11.05.2019


Stereo Exchange presents Pipaluk Lake + Hilda Ekeroth as the opening show of the 2019 program. Ekeroth & Lake’s work is disparate, but the assembly is stabilized as a viewing oculus into the physical action of art making.

Ekeroth’s intrepidly personal works, at once make your stomach unsettled, but on further absorption, one is immersed in the intimacy of self and, the shyness of personal space, we as the fruit of the giant mushroom can understand the underpinned murmur. The action of painting is apparent, not by the rush of strokes, but by what’s left out, the paint pressed up against transparent paper to create self-portraits and, when observed through Lake's glass work, creates a sort of Mandela effect, did it happen, is that the person it used to be, was it a flourish or was it meant to be?

Lake’s protracted hanging glass works beam fragility over the space, an eye or a refraction machine, of reality, a burning Ferris wheel of emotions and heavy metals, folded and dropped out, into a stark reminder, of the brittleness, of the accuracy of memories.

This menagerie of space, time and action, conglomerate into a ball of exuberant flame of spirit, locked inside untarnished ideas, ignorant to what it should be, google doesn’t help you here, nope it’s not here, we don’t do haircuts or the hemming of your jeans, we procure dreams and fantasy.

Owen Armour. Feb 28th 2019.

Stereo Exchange is located in Frederiksberg (Copenhagen) and was founded in 2018, by Danish ceramist Kristine Tillge Lund and Australian artist Owen Armour.

Stereo Exchange an international artist-run initiative faithful to blurring the preconceived notions between artist and discipline. The idea was formed organically through many years of dialogue on & curiosity, which led us to launch a space in Frederiksberg, we show works from visual artists and craftspeople from across the continents. We aim to emphasize the melding of disciplines and give visitors a unique opportunity to see the dialogue between materials, practices, and space.

Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation & Danmarks Nationalbanks af Jubilæumsfond 1968 & Frederiksbergfonden

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