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Onsdag-fredag 12-17, lørdag 12-15

Peintures pour aveugles

Morten B. Masri

05.06.2014 - 12.07.2014


In his work, Morten B. Masri investigates the complex question of perception and sensual experience, and how we as human beings perceive the visual in a seemingly indeterminate space. His intriguing paintings embody a matrix of imagined past and present, artificiality and reality, memory and history. They are explorations of imagery and the image-making process. His paintings enact a balancing act in which the overt subject (the figures) and the implicit subject (the question of painting and what it might mean) co-exist.

Masri's work teet on the edge of tradition and innovation; the pictures float in and out of pictorial genres. Still lifes become personified and landscapes become constructions. He embraces the area between which the subject is composed and decomposing, formed and formless, inanimate and alive. The atmosphere in Masri's painting is contemplative and still, yet at any moment you expect the stillness to be startled. But then perhaps startling their own stillness is what good paintings do best; they let you expect the things you don't expect to see.

Paintings for the Blind runs concurrents with Morten B. Masri's EXIT graduation show at Kunsthal Charlottenborg.

Moten B. Masri (b. 1977 -) lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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