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Galleri CC

Båstadsgatan 4, 214 33 Malmö

Torsdag - fredag: 16-19, lørdag - Søndag: 13-16


Christian Bang Jensen, Chiara Bugatti, Linnéa Carlsson, Jan Marius Kiøsterud

02.12.2017 - 17.12.2017


Galleri CC is pleased to announce OZYMANDIAS, an exhibition with works by Christian Bang Jensen, Chiara Bugatti, Linnéa Carlsson and Jan Marius Kiøsterud.

Quietly and strenuously the works hint at the roaring progress of mankind, creating and recreating, building and tearing down. In both the sudden, unconsidered act of creation- and in conscious creation, there sounds a note shaking the entire sphere we inhabit. Living comes with the knowledge that we are all going to die, houses will crumble, the arrow head will rust, and that all will end in a pink ball. OZYMANDIAS touches on the notion of working with something hard to grasp, bordering on the unnatural and ethereal.

Galleri CC is run by artists for artists. With our yearly Open Call we want to open up our space to artists working in and around Malmö. Out of the 83 applications we have chosen four artists whose work form a cohesive whole.

Christian Bang Jensen graduated from Funen Art Academy and holds a master's degree from Malmö Art Academy. His work deals with the act of collecting, and the discourses of knowledge production in various spaces and institutions. The work often takes shape as extended collage which often incorporates sculpture, installation and utilizing previously existing museum collections. So-called rational modes of thinking are disrupted by associative mind processes and objects, artworks and materials are used to underline qualities of animism and rhizomatic connections to different regimes of knowledge production. There is an underlying interest in cultural appropriation, mythology and history. 

Chiara Bugatti holds a master's degree from Umeå Art Academy. Her sculptural practice is an alternative gesture of knowledge that finds its place between the factual and the intimate sphere. It brings into focus human relations to objects and materials, pointing at their history and associations. Central to her work is the process of production and building, presented as a playful collapse towards rationality. ”Peculiar to my practice is an internal struggle between the eagerness to collect materials, data, informations, and the awareness that such effort in nature are futile.” Chiara Bugatti was born in Italy but now lives in Malmö.

Linnéa Carlsson is filled with hatred, and fuelled by an unreasonable need for vengeance because of childhood trauma. Her art radiates with the cynicism of the gallows humour of a person on death row. As her life didn't turn out the way she had hoped, she is additionally driven by bitterness. She works in old fashioned techniques because she hates the contemporary and technical advancements. She has said: there is no technical invention that impresses me. She can only find her peace in the postmodern because her thought patterns are premodern. She holds a master's degree from Malmö Art Academy.

Jan Marius Kiøsterud holds a master's degree from Valand Art academy in Gothenburg. He was born in Lillehammer, Norway. He currently lives and works in Malmö. He works conceptually and/or formbased with sculpture. In his studio practice he focuses on the process and experiments with shape, color and material until he finds what he is looking for. ”I seek to express contradictions between what we see as beautiful and what we think is appalling, physically disgusting, like a mirroring of the human psyche and its complexities.” He often returns to subjects like the boredom in everyday life, existentialism, gender roles, masculinity and sexuality, social roles and western privileges.

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