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Orders of the Day The Greece Gropers Foundation Annual General Meeting, 2014

Lasse Krog Møller, Jeuno JE Kim

11.01.2014 - 25.01.2014


Presented in the exhibition are the Orders of the Day and meeting notes from the 2014 Greece Gropers Foundation's Annual General Meeting.

In order for the meeting to not be boring, not go over time, and not be totally ineffective, the committee sent out two months prior, the Orders of the Day to each of its members. It stated what was done, and who was to blame. It stated what needs to be done, and who is to do it.

The twelve members of the Greece gropers Foundation at the meeting were:

Reese Gropers Chairwoman of the Foundation
Ore X Crepes Head of Silence Institute
Rosee Grepceg Head of Dust Museum
Pegge Creore Editor in Chief at GGF Publishing House
Pere Secoggers Chief Curator at Museum of Sartorial Choices
C.P.S Regorge Head of Greece Gropers Institute for Geography
C.S Progg Head of Center for Elementary Culture
George Creeps Head of Museum of Bureaucratic Apparatus
SeeCee Porgg Head of Dairy Museum
G.G Crops Head Gardener at GGF Botanical Garden
Groep Sec Geer Head of GGF Speleological Society
P. S. Crogg Secretary

It is 2014, conflict resolution is on the agenda, and there is much to be discussed.

Greece Gropers Foundation is a fictional institution and play authored by artists Jeuno JE Kim and Lasse Krog Møller. Greece Gropers, the fictive "founder" of the institution is an anagram of author Georges Perec, whose literary methods and games have structured the artists' conceptual and working processes. Perec's sociological approach in scrutinizing conventions, and highlighting the infraordinary in the everyday are some of the sensibilities adopted and adapted by the artists.

Jeuno JE Kim:
With a background in theology, music, and radio, Jeuno JE Kim is an artist working with performance, video, drawing, and text. She has exhibited, most recently The Residents: Greece Gropers & Ore X Crepe at Antechamber Project Space for Drawing and Research 2013, The Nordic Model at Malmö Art Museum 2013, Tingen at Overgaden Center for Contemporary Art, Copenhagen 2012; Protein Cooking Show at Lilith Performance Studio, Malmö 2011; Allt för Alla at Gävle Konstcentrum, Gävle 2010 and Fog Dossier at ArtSonje Center, Seoul 2010.
Born in South Korea she is based in Malmö. She has received her Bachelor of Arts from Oberlin College, and completed her Masters in Theology from Harvard University, and Master of Fine Arts at the University of Illinois at Chicago. In 2014 she begins her position as Professor of Art at the Funen Academy of Art in Denmark.

Lasse Krog Møller
Works with installations, objects, photos, text, drawings and book publishing. His works have been shown in several exhibitions, most recently Ang. Hellerup Hellerup 2013, The Residents: Greece Gropers & Ore X Crepe at Antechamber Project Space for Drawing and Research 2013, En Samling at Galleri Image 2012, Tingen at Overgaden Center for Contemporary Art, Copenhagen 2012, The Piccadilly Exhibition Company # 4: Remnants from a World Exhibition at Traneudstillingen 2012, Enter II at Kunsthallen Brandts, Odense 2011.
Lasse Krog Møller is co-founder of and editor at forlaget/tidsskriftet * [asterisk] and has made numerous publications, most recently Vanløses Monumenter 2013, Ang. Hellerup 2013, 100000000000000 Stykker Smørrebrød 2013, Et togt over det hvide sand 2011.

Graduated from the Jutland Art Academy in 2001.

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