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Inter Arts Center

Bergsgatan 29, 214 22 Malmö

Onsdag–fredag kl. 14–17, lørdag og søndag kl. 11–14

Online writing session with ABS (Arnell, Backström, Sandström)

Imri Sandström, Fia Backström, Malin Arnell

06.10.2015 -

In connection to the exhibition And Again Shifts / Och Igen Skiften by Imri Sandström an online writing session with ABS (Arnell, Backström, Sandström) is taking place on the 6th of October at 3 PM - partly at Inter Arts Center, Bergsgatan 29 i Malmö.

The participants of A.B.S. will be located in different places, and will write simultaneously in the same online-document. Sandström will be present in the exhibition, and the joint writing of A.B.S. will be displayed in the gallery space. Audience is free to come and go as they please during the session.

A.B.S. is a joint, ongoing, open work­process by artists Malin Arnell, Fia Backström and Imri Sandström. A.B.S. share a desire for the porous contact surfaces of the singular, and to work through the dynamics that determine possibilities for participation. A.B.S engages materializations of language­materials and other materials through its inseparability. What is in/accessible (for whom/what) is inevitably part of the becoming. Negotiation, material and public address, temporarily crystalize, and nothing takes place without the other/och att ingenting sker utan det andra.

A.B.S. formed in 2014 as a result of the joint and densified process Kapitel, Kaput, Kapital, Kapitulera, Capitulum: Huvudpunkt av en text och en del av armen - ett samarbete bland annat / Kapitel, Kaput, Kapital, Kapitulera, Capitulum: Header of a text and a part of the arm - a collaboration amongst others, which took place at Galleri INDEX in Stockholm.

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