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Online FORM: Documenting Art in the Digital Age

07.02.2018 -

How is digital technology changing the way we document art? Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art and Interactive Spaces Lab (The Alexandra Institute) invites you to a seminar about finding new ways of communicating and archiving art in the digital age. 

Online FORM is an interdisciplinary seminar that wishes to address both creative and critical aspects of the current development. We wish to explore how digital tools and effects can unfold the artistic experience and support the fusion between work and communication. We will dive into both the technological opportunities as well as the challenges in relation to it, discussing which solutions that have been proved beneficial. Last but not least we want to look ahead and discuss, what lies in the future of the relationship between digital technologies, art and the institutions. 


· Mimi Son (artist & co-founder KIMCHI and CHIPS, SKR)

· Manuela Naveau (artist & curator at Ars Electronica, AT)

· Sarah Brin (writer & curator, US/DK)

· Jens Tang Kristensen (post.doc, writer & art critic, DK)

· Liselott Stenfeldt (Team Leader & Architect MAA) & Frederik Tollund Juutilainen (Software Developer) Interactive Spaces Lab, DK


Den Frie Center of Contemporary Art and Interactive Spaces Lab (The Alexandra Institute) started a smaller project in the beginning of 2017, where the goal was to research new ways of communicating and archiving art for contemporary spaces. With these thoughts we decided to create a prototype that could work as a catalyst for the dialogue - a digital publication called FORM that could be used by both the artists, the curators and the staff of an institution unfolding both the exhibitions, events and other activities.

The digital project FORM serves as the forerunner for the seminar Online FORM. 

The project is supported by Ny Carlsbergfondet and The Danish Arts Foundation.

Attendance is free.

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