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St. Kongensgade 3, 1264 København K

TLF: +45 2946 6331

WEB: gallerikant.dk

Tirsdag - fredag 12-18, lørdag 11-16

No Wonder

Christian Hellmich

26.09.2015 - 31.10.2015


Hellmich´s work consists of oil paintings depicting imaginary architectural spaces and objects with an emphasis on texture, geometry, color and shape. Free from value judgements, he seeks inspiration from an extensive archive of images found in newspapers, magazines, the internet, post cards and comics. The quest towards the final painting is a searching and encircling practice, where he identifies things without them being recognizable. It is a process, that can go on for months, sometimes years. For Hellmich there is no hieraki between fiction and non-fiction, and as a figurative painter he gets as close to abstract painting as it seems possible.

The title of the exhibition No Wonder is related to Hellmich´s reflections on painting : "For me, painting is no wonder. It is a form of thinking, and it is organized matter.
I believe, that painting can express issues in a way no other artistic medium is able to. And yet it is just a mirror of the world. I do not believe in Utopia. That's why art for me is just art ,and its highest aim is to have no purpose. " (Hellmich, 2015)

Christian Hellmich (1977) lives and works in Berlin and graduated from Folkwangsschule in Essen 2004. 
Hellmich has exhibited nationally and internationally in various group and solo exhibitions including Caroline Pagés Gallery, Lisbon, 2015, Kunstverein Oerlinghausen, 2014,Stiftung Bartels Fondation, Basel, 2014 Tanja Pol Galerie, Munich, 2013, Arthotek, Cologne, 2013. He is represented in private and public collections including; Von-der-Heydt Museum Wuppertal, Germany, Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art, Peekskill, New York.

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