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Hans Alf Gallery

Holbergsgade 8, 1057 København K

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My Cy

Frank Fischer

28.03.2015 - 02.05.2015


From the catalogue:

The final impression

Some ideas were planted in us before we were born. Embedded in the sonar softness of the womb, we somehow came across concepts and habits that - once we dove out of harmony and into the cold, hysterical despair of existence - had already lodged themselves firmly in our brains. Like invisible spores between the gills of a mushroom. Concepts of good and evil, a sense of fear or well-being; definite visions of aesthetics.

Atop, or rather beneath, these prenatal assumptions of the flesh quivers the continuous and brutally insistent notion of a first impression. This is something we not only acknowledge as a given, but simply and universally navigate by as human beings. The tenacity of the first impression is fierce. That is what we believe and what we tell each other. We agree that it is out of our hands: I do not control my instinctive opinion of you anymore than you control your joy of balloons or your dismay with Eastern European industrial parks. It is intuitive, unconscious. It is inborn. And so it goes.

Reality, however, is different. Few things can be truly comprehended and appreciated at first glance. Mental digestion takes time.

A Frank Fischer-painting is inconspicuous at first. Vertical stripes of seemingly random colour and width correspond across a rectangular surface to form a visually pleasing, deeply aestheticized whole. At first, it is merely a two-dimensional experience. This is the profoundly intuitive appraisal.

Once you approach the painting itself, you start noticing things that depart from the first impression. The vertical lines that looked straight and almost machine-born at a distance seem to deviate ever so slightly up-close. The paint-drops that have formed and hardened along the horizontal edges of the frame suggest manual work. The textural quality of each line tells a story of multiple layers and strict repetition.

Suddenly you realise that something more must be at stake; you see the raw intent and purpose, sense the presence of some enigmatic formula. Intrigued, you read the name of the piece on the wall and find yourself wondering, why the title seems so familiar to you. Have you seen this painting before? While doggedly ransacking your memory for clues, a friendly soul informs you that the painting is in fact a paraphrase of a different painting: a two-dimensional representation of a single horizontal line in the original. Someone shows you a photo of the model. You look up, you look down, you look back up again. At first, you may not even see the resemblance. Like fixing your eyes on a stereogram, it takes a while. But then, suddenly: From one second to the next, reality becomes three-dimensional. What you are standing in front of is no longer mere aesthetics or visual play; it is a meticulous and poignant representation of something else, an abstract but ever so accurate allusion. It is the idea of a painting.

The notion of the first impression is deeply flawed. With Frank Fischer's work, it is the final impression that matters - this is the one that lasts. Once you have seen the depth, and understand the intricacy of his paintings, you can never go back. The first impression is lost forever, and it really does not matter. You have been initiated; you know the truth. You see, what is beneath.

We are grateful for the gift of the Fischer-universe and excited to host yet another of Frank's solos in our gallery. It is our humble hope that you too will experience the joys of the final impression.

Asger B. Nielsen
Hans Alf Gallery
March, 2015

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