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Lunds Konsthall

Mårtenstorget 3, 220 02 Lund

MAIL: lundskonsthall@lund.se

TLF: +46 355 295

FAX: +46 184 521

WEB: lundskonsthall.se

Tuesday-Sunday 12 am-5 pm, Thursday 12 am-8 pm, Saturday 10 am-5 pm

Mono Festival of One-to-One Performance

17.09.2016 -

Sweden’s first festival of one-to-one performance, presenting a range of sensory experiences where you are the focus!


Mono Festival of One-to-One Performance is a festival dedicated to one-to-one performance, showing works that engage with individual rather than group response. All performances shown within the festival take a person-specific approach to performance, and embody a performance practice where the work only exists in collaboration with individual participants. Performances in Mono Festival are performed for one person at a time, or else focus on one-to-one relationships within a group context.

The festival is curated by artist Tim Bishop in partnership with Lunds konsthall and with support from Lunds kommun. The festival will showcase both new and established performances by Bombina Bombast, Lundahl & Seitl, and Tim Bishop, presenting a range of sensory experiences where you are the focus.

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