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Inter Arts Center

Bergsgatan 29, 214 22 Malmö

Onsdag–fredag kl. 14–17, lørdag og søndag kl. 11–14

Mixed Media

Carl Palm & Sebastian Rozenberg

09.05.2014 - 25.05.2014


((The system we have developed between us is in a way of course comedy, comedy overcome by tragedy? Might be. Tragedy is overcome by comedy, and both are overcome by art.))

Mixed Media by Carl Palm and Sebastian Rozenberg is an investigation into potentialities and the creation of meaning, taking the form of a dance through several media, from physical to oral to physical back into dancing. The research, practice, performance is understood as the iceberg of potential meanings in relation to an object, and a working process mostly resembling hanging out while getting to know each other, a teenage sleep over or a swim thru streams of ideas.

Investigative writing and series of performative readings that can be understood as an iceberg of potential meaning. A mountain whose visible and invisible parts stand in relation to a growing series of sculptural objects. The collected history of these objects is stored in a reading that is written over and over again before each new presentation.

We are the material? Material as the first audience. What does the sculpture want, who does it speak to and about what?

In the public performative reading we move over several possible meanings, between meaningful narratives; which are equal to: fictional, true, new, old and theoretical. We are interested in what language, what knowledge and what dimension of experience that can be established through communication. A communication that is directed simultaneously towards you, us and no one. The performative reading reveals the object's potential, but it also points to what is not said, and in this way we want to broaden the knowledge of meaning and potentiality in artistic processes.

Mixed Media was initiated in July 2013 after an invitation to Retreat Festival in Stockholm and further developed at Rupert in Vilnius. Practically the work consist of an ongoing conversation between the artists that is reflected into the new sculpture(s) before the scheduled public reading. The process and stories are summed up since the last presentation and the new presence of the sculptures, their internal relationship in combination with their current context are added to the written material, both anecdotally and abstract.

The sculptural objects are nomadic and in a way faceless, operating in between the recognizable and the oddly out of place; travel companions, market stands and decorations, a series under constant negotiation.

We work towards exhausting the possible meaning of the objects, determine them while simultaneously losing them. Upon exhaustion we will execute a limitation of display. These sculptures then stand testament as ruined shells, devoid of their potential, veiled in vessels or covered in sheets like abandoned furniture, arrest?

How do you define the potential in a conversation or the potential in an object? For how long can an object withdraw and escape definition? Withdrawal and the motionless is a potential contradiction, comparable to a reading in the present. Perception and conception can only be present and actual in delay. It's not definable in a meaningful way, impossible to read an object directly, never NOW. Everything we say about these objects is what they are NOT, we are talking about and revealing the resistance of the objects. We would like to forefront a productive imbalance between the familiar and the odd in which the object of art once again can reclaim a position as the most important aspect in the discussion on art and its future.

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