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Borgergade 15 e

tirsdag - fredag 11 - 17.30, lørdag 12 - 15


Guillermo Santomà

19.03.2016 - 15.05.2016


From 18 March 2016 Etage Projects presents the young Spanish furniture architect Guillermo Santomà. Santomà attracted attention to his work after his total transformation of Casa Horta – an architectonic, artistic intervention in a traditional horta-house from the beginning of the 20th century. Santomà places himself somewhere in-between architecture and design and creates complete environments for his work to act in.

For his exhibition Mirage at Etage Projects he exhibits beautifully shaped glass chairs in a meandering landscape of sand. Contrasts meet and dialogues happens in the merge between materials and functions; sand, glas, metal and neon.

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