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OK Corral

Rolighedsvej 9, 1958 Frederiksberg

MAIL: okcorralexhibit@gmail.com

TLF: +45 4162 1987

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Onsdag - lørdag kl. 13-17


Klara Ström

06.10.2018 -

Welcome to the finissage of Klara Ström's solo show 'mer/mère' at Ok Corral. 

'mer/mère' is an interactive installation, a scenography and a performance. For the finissage of the show Ström will perform once more in the space, giving those of you who missed her performance during the opening, a second chance to see it. Ström uses her voice as she sings, and appears as an abstract figure ascended from the water. Her songs are repetitive and focus on the ocean as a yonic symbol, a symbol of female sexuality. She sings about, and in relation to, the word play between the two french words 'mer' and 'mère', pronounced the same way, meaning ocean and mother. 

For the finissage the visitors are once more welcomed in to the space where Ström has used the existing architecture and twisted it with simple means. The floor is water and pathways of stones are made for the visitors to walk on. There are islands scattered in the water, platforms for performative actions, resting places for the visitors, and figures appearing from the depths.

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