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Moderna Museet - Malmö

Ola Billgrens plats 2–4, 211 53 Malmö

MAIL: info@modernamuseet.se

TLF: +46 40 685 79 37

WEB: modernamuseet.se/Malmo

Tirsdag - fredag 11-18, lørdag - søndag 11-17

Mars One, oneway astronauts

Bas Lansdorp

14.12.2013 -

The mission of Mars One is to be the first project to take people to Mars. In 2023, the first crew of 4 will land on the red planet. The project will be largely financed through sales of TV rights to the filmed material from the spaceship and the base camp - a "Big Brother" in space. The plan does not include any means of returning to Earth. And yet, more than 100,000 applications have been received so far from aspiring astronauts. (In English).

The lecture will be held at The Loading Dock at Moderna Museet Malmö. Included in the entrance fee. Free admission for members of MMV.

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