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Sydhavn Station

Ernst Kapers Vej 1, 2450 København SV

TLF: +45 2876 0454

WEB: sydhavnstation.info

Torsdag - søndag 13-17

Radio Montage: 'John's Death'

Rosa Marie Frang

29.08.2013 -

John's Death is produced by artist, Rosa Marie Frang and mounted by Kim G. Hansen, editor of Radio24syv Documentary.

At Sydhavn Station Rosa Marie Frang presents the radio montage, John's Death (55 min.), that she has been producing in collaboration with Radio24syv Documentary in 2012.

After a joint listening, Rosa and Kim will tell about their considerations and the process in the making of the radio piece and it will be possible to ask questions.

The main character of the montage John's death is John Goodwin. As a 42‐year‐old man, in the middle of his life, with a house, wife and two young children, he goes to the doctor with a minor ailment. Here, he is being told, that he only has one year left to live in..

With generous candor John tells, shortly before his death, the concerns he has about his own non‐existence. Is it possible to understand ones own imminent death? How do you say goodbye to your loved ones? As he says "... I am awaiting with great curiosity"

A beautiful and poetic portrait about the taboo we all sooner or later will have to deal with - the death. Rosa Marie Frang and John Goodwin have been friends since their teens. Now she is asking many difficult questions, and John is answering as honestly he can, because this is also his last words and a memorial he can leave behind.

The event will be in Danish and the door will be closed at 5.15pm precisely. There will be served coffee and cake. Everyone is welcome.

The event is part of the group‐exhibition, The Death II featuring the artists, Ferdinand Ahm Krag, Mette Juul, Thomas Gunnar Bagge, Tine Becker, Rosa Marie Frang, Claus Larsen, Jens Axel Beck and Heidi Hove. The Death II is open until September 1st, 2013.

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