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Friisgatan 15, 214 30 Malmö

Tuesday - Sunday 13- 17

Lilac horizons Lavender sky

Tiril Hasselknippe

12.01.2013 - 26.01.2013


Basin. He described the earthquake as a strong Roman motion. The after shock did not seem so robust. It was a good one. Current position Inland Empire. Take it out of context. Facing charges. Every word hurts.

Slopey posteriors. Harbor the meaning. The astral body of sculpture. Divine. I do not remember the sentence anymore. Shorter distances. The longer haul. Return to the lap. The seat. I told you already. I have said all of this

Lem and Dick was here. Atwood too. Hold the divine. Genesis evangelion. Bring the debris to the station. Topical reactions. The moves.There is a reason for these frames. Hectoring. Water intrusion. Kink tide.

The masters of hunger.

Reject questions. The regulars. Conjure. Computations. Heuristic motives. I believe they exist. Muzzle. Prelife. The past is talking. Unrequited engagement. The arm was extended. Bad timing always. Ever. This is the guide. Access your channel and more. Fear stands alone merely. Lavender sky. Overlay. Show me something.

Weighted limbs. Heavy hands. The extension stopped. Add channels. Lilac horizons. Save the Caryatid. She did her time. Stay. Fall into the mountains. Fall with no end. Misgivings. I let go. Regret always bleeds. No time to hide. Rations. Solitary movements. Watch later. Filter

Broken words. Edited. Hard coded moves. Keep circulating. Effortfully. Anchoring and adjustment. Trading completeness. Trading shapes and angles. Trace the surface. Treatments. The hollowing. Disappearing in gaps. A vacuum. Rest. Give in.

Road warrior. Tools and lessons. Closing in on infinite. The flare was something else. The lesser mortal. Hold the sentiment. All this youth spent on navigation. Fickle. It is never over. Gone. Hold

Compilate. Avoid the field. It dies for everyone else. The slow burning. Inflicted. At the end I will still recall. Remove. Displace. Turquoise pager. All the pages. Take me to the vessel. Begin journey. Leap. Leap. LeapRescue the rest.

Crooked. Long lasting conditions. Atone

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