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SixtyEight Art Institute

Gothersgade 167, 1123 København K

MAIL: info@sixtyeight.dk

TLF: +45 3124 2425

WEB: sixtyeight.dk

Wednesday - Friday 11- 18, Saturday 13 - 17

_ Learning from A.N.A


Kurator: Lise Grüner Bertelsen

12.01.2019 - 08.02.2019


SixtyEight Art Institute proudly has invited the art and design work group, THE WINTER OFFICE (TWO) to organize a research-based exhibition looking to the state and standing of artist-run spaces in Copenhagen; with the vision to foreground new and critical approaches between creativity, urban planning, and development for the future of artistic spaces in the city. TWO is an artist group and work network consisting of artists, curators, architects, designers and social scientists who are either based in or connected to Copenhagen.

Friday, 11 January. 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. (soft opening)
Friday, 8 February. 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. (closing party) 

Gothersgade 167, Kbh K

Drinks will be served on both occasions and all are welcome.

THE WINTER OFFICE will be conducting urban planning and artistic research during a month-long exhibition at SixtyEight Art Institute. To this end, the Copenhagen-based artistic group has invited the artist-run space, Astrid Noack’s Atelier (A.N.A) to act as the anchor and patron subject of our exhibition. For this reason, the installation at SixtyEight titled, _ Learning from A.N.A will include several sculptural artworks by Astrid Noack (1888-1954). The installation hopes to frame how artists produce diverse forms of urbanism and space, but also that through the research and an eventual report to be made, the group will examine how artist-run spaces can help clarify the uses/value/need of creative space in future urban planning.

TWO has in addition invited other artist-run spaces in the greater Copenhagen area to share written answers based on their spatial ‘footprint’ in the city and exchange knowledge about their use and experience of their spaces. The work group will also develop a ready-made podcasting studio–that will come together during five separate sessions to record interviews and facilitated by Lise Grüner Bertelsen, curator of the exhibit for The Winter Office with Charlotte Præstegaard Schwartz curator of A.N.A and artists Kirsten Dufourand Finn Thybo Andersen who together on behalf of A.N.A will serve as hosts of the podcast sessions.

Astrid Noack
Historically, the artist Astrid Noack (1888-1954) is known as one of the first artists in Denmark to embrace the live-work studio in the inner-city as of 1936, which is located at Rådmandsgade 34 in Nørrebro, Copenhagen. In 2010, a community of artist helped launch the Rådmandsgade 34 Foundation to help preserve the artist’s building, to offer studio spaces, and in addition to providing an exhibition space. Today, her memory and space is represented by the artist/curatorial collective called, Astrid Noack’s Atelier, who as an artist-run initiative produces exhibits and other cultural projects.

Why Future Creative Spaces?
Too many creative environments and artist-run spaces in the city lose their existence to ongoing urban development. Cities in general have limited or understudied visions for how to generate new urban plans for creative spaces (those who do, sometimes rush to implement them without or little community-oriented consultation). Moreover, rethinking the development of creativity in the city through citizen participation, gentrification studies, and mixtures between community/market oriented development is of enormous importance–especially–as we continue to witness development booms. There is a major problem in new building construction that is consistently blind to creative space needs and by continuing to ignore them, relegates creativity to normative and vulnerable models that lead to the tapping of fringes or outright gentrification of historic communities to further speculation. In addition to the lack of democratic and affordable creative space, we need focus on what social, political and economic consequences current development is having on who gets to inhabit creative spaces. It is important to preserve existing buildings rather than to tear down and replace them with characterless housing complexes. However, artistic spaces need to also challenge new development visions and should help define new constructions whose self-awareness for creative space and spatial justice is evident in their architecture. Even more so as it mixes and expands justly the definition of affordable housing in the city.

The Winter Office’s study will be published by RSS Press, which is the publishing arm of SixtyEight Art Institute. All are welcome to visit this special exhibition and to pick-up the literature about it, which has been made specially for this occasion.



Astrid Noack (1888-1954) is one of the 20th century's most important Danish artists. As a sculptor, she was inspired by the French tradition, through her teacher at Maison Watteau, Charles Despiau. Her work is characterized by the sobriety and scarcity of funds and exemplary of the archaic mode in sculpture.

Astrid Noack's Atelier is artist-run initiative and space working from a backyard building, where the sculptor Astrid Noack lived and worked between the years of 1936 to 1950. To learn about A.N.A. please visit: astrid-noack.dk

Lise Grüner Bertelsen (1988) is a curator for The Winter Office, writer and assistant editor at Really Simple Syndication Press. She has masters in modern culture from the University of Copenhagen. She lives and works in Copenhagen.

The Winter Office (TWO) is an artist group and work network consisting of artists, curators, architects, designers and social scientists based in Copenhagen, founded in 2010 by artist Hugo Hopping and architect and city planner Johanna Ferrer Guldager. For more, please see: thewinteroffice.net


SixtyEight Art Institute is an artistic/curatorial research organization looking to uncover, develop, and further exchanges between artists and curators and their creative labor. The exhibition _ Learning from A.N.A is the fourth installment of our two-year program of exhibitions, called Modes and Notes on the Local, which is kindly supported by Københavns Kommunes Billedkunstudvalg and The Danish Arts Foundation. A warm thank you to Nina J Gallery in Copenhagen for the loan of Astrid Noack's artworks.

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