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Moderna Museet - Malmö

Ola Billgrens plats 2–4, 211 53 Malmö

MAIL: info@modernamuseet.se

TLF: +46 40 685 79 37

WEB: modernamuseet.se/Malmo

Tirsdag - fredag 11-18, lørdag - søndag 11-17

KHM x MMM: Ann Iren Buan

08.12.2016 -

Using drawing both as medium and material, Ann Iren Buan’s (1984, Norway) work becomes part of a transformational process where the definitions of, as well as the traces from, drawing tools become increasingly diffuse. From the flat surface of paper her drawings crumble and fuse, expanding into the space and adopting a monumental scale. Her sculptures appear both fragile and imposing as they stand, hang and lie in the spaces they inhabit, creating a dialogue between itself, its surroundings and its viewer.

Ann Iren Buan is a young artist that over the last few years has experienced an increasing recognition, and has recently participated in the group shows Form Matter, Matter Forms at A Palazzo Gallery (Brescia, 2016), NN-A NN-A NN-A, New Norwegian Abstraction at The Astrup Fearnley Museum (Oslo, 2015) and Stavanger Art Museum (Stavanger, 2016). Recent solo shows include Tether at Trafo Kunsthall (Asker, 2016), The Wait at Galleri F15 (Moss, 2015) and A Pull of the Sun and Moon at Noplace (Oslo, 2015). From 2015-17 she has a studio residency at Oslo City Hall.

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