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Halmlageret, Carlsberg

Ny Carlsberg Vej 84, 1799 København V


Isabelle Andriessen, Pär Axell, Christian Bang Jensen, Balthazar Berling, Lily Benson, Marie Bonfils, Desmond Church, Karin Hald, Niilas Helander, Ingvild Kaldal Hovland, Marianne Skaarup Jakobsen, Kalle Lindmark, Loui Kuhlau, Ronni Lykke Lauridsen, Rina Eide Løvaasen, Sandra Mujinga

Kurator: Hans Carlsson

29.08.2015 - 06.09.2015


This exhibition features work by sixteen artists who recently graduated from Malmö Art Academy.

Rather than serving as a conceptual framework for the artists and their work, the title of the show, Kenosis, is used to provide background to a discussion on identification through perception.

The exhibition features artwork that thematically ranges from the abstract, even formless, to works which explicitly deal with the realm of (verbal and non verbal) communication. Within the exhibition, there are also works that map out the associative and rhizomatic processes of (artistic) thinking, as well as work reflecting on the use, and non use, of the public sphere.

The term Kenosis comes from the Greek word kenoo, meaning "emptied". In the Orthodox church it was used to describe the "stages of becoming" in making divine icon paintings in the 800-700 bc. Back then, Kenosis concerned a set of rules and ritualistic methods that transformed the material of paint into something divine, thereby also diminishing the role of the paint and the painter in favor of religious content. Later on, Kenosis was used as a methodological description in a theological debate on how a unity with God, through an emptying of one self, could be achieved. The term has also been used in an extended sense, to discuss identification through the breaking of conventions in modern and contemporary art.

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