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(I)MAGESOUND(S): Expanded Cinema

24.05.2019 -

(I)MAGESOUND(S): Expanded Cinema

Gothersgade 55

The programme begins with Hobbs’ Nature Morte, a suite of 16mm films composed of different floral arrangements, in which the subject matter also transforms into a source of sound. This is followed by Score and (Re)Score, a curated selection of single screen works by among others Stan Brakhage, Bruce Connor, and Hiroshi Yamazaki, which focuses on the image/sound relationship, and includes new live scores performed by Andrew Hill to films by Mary Ellen Bute, David Leister, Guy Sherwin & Lyn Loo, and Ben Rivers. In Projections, sounds of the projector are sampled, transformed and spatialized, bringing the humble projector into focus. Instead of light it is the sound which is projected out into the space. The final work, Vientos Fuertes (Strong Winds), is a performative piece using multiple projectors/screens and manipulated improvisational live sound.

Tickets can be purchased from Cinemateket.
80 DKK for non-members, 50 DKK for members of Cinemateket.



(I)MAGESOUND(S) embraces an expanded experience of the cinematic, locating historical and contemporary artists’ works alongside the work of Jim Hobbs and Andrew Hill. The concept for the programme was originally born out of a research project/commission by Mono No Aware and The New York Public Library (NYPL) for the Performing Arts, as part of the annual Cinema Arts festival MONO X. Working with the NYPL for Performing Arts film archive, contemporary individual artists, musicians and film distributors, the original project created a programme that brought together a variety of approaches to cinema, ranging from single screen films to more performative and expansive works. Its intention was to celebrate the relationship between image and sound, and emphasise the collaborative and generative possibilities between artists of different disciplines. In this spirit, Hobbs and Hill have chosen to invite additional musicians/artists from each city where the project will be performed. For Copenhagen, Danish multimedia artist Steffen Levring will join to offer additional sonic elements throughout the evening.

Jim Hobbs
b. 1975, USA
Lives St Leonards-on-Sea, UK

Jim Hobbs' work utilises a variety of media including 16mm film, video, installation, site-specific work, drawing, sculpture, sound and photography. Currently his work and research investigate the personal and social implications of loss, oblivion, history, place, memory and the subsequent acts of remembrance/memorialisation. The work bears particular focus on how the use of architecture (space/place) and monuments (objects) become a type of physical manifestation of that which is absent, and how these “stand-ins” can be used, manipulated, and reformed. More recently, his work has moved into the realm of filmic installations and performances, utilising film as a time based material and medium to investigate these concerns. He often collaborates with other artists/musicians to expand the work across disciplines and find new relationships between sound and image. Intrinsically interlinked with this is a constant questioning of the role of the analogue within the digital age – how it functions, if it can override associations with nostalgia, and notions of the quality of image and how that relates to memory. His work is shown internationally in museums, galleries, art spaces, and festivals. He is currently Senior Lecturer at the University of Greenwich and teaches an Experimental Drawing Course at The Slade School of Fine Art.

Andrew Hill
b. 1986, United Kingdom
Lives and Works London, UK

Andrew Hill is a composer of electroacoustic music, specialising in studio composed works both acousmatic (purely sound based) and audio-visual. His works have been performed extensively across the UK, in Europe and the US. Including performances at Fyklingen, Stockholm; GRM, Paris; ZKM, Karlsruhe; New York Public Library, New York; London Contemporary Music Festival, London; San Francisco Tape Music Festival, San Francisco; Cinesonika, Vancouver; Festival Punto de Encuentro, Valencia; and many more. His works are composed with materials captured from the human and natural world, seeking to explore the beauty in everyday objects. He is particularly interested in how these materials are interpreted by audiences, and how these interpretations relate to our experience of the real and the virtual. He is Senior Lecturer in Sound Design and Music Technology at the University of Greenwich and programme leader of Sound Design BA.


SixtyEight Art Institute is an artistic/curatorial research organization looking to uncover, develop, and further exchanges between artists and curators and their creative labor. Currently in our gallery, the exhibition Weathering: Tidal Spill (day 331) which is the seventh installment of our two-year program of exhibitions, called Modes and Notes on the Local, and kindly supported by Københavns Kommunes Råd for Visuel Kunst and The Danish Arts Foundation.

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