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Galleri Tom Christoffersen

Skindergade 5, 1159 København K

Tirsdag - lørdag 12-18, søndag 11-16

I Believe in Psychopaths

Dan Schein

28.09.2013 - 19.10.2013


I Believe in Psychopaths is the American artist Dan Schein's second solo show at Galleri Tom Christoffersen, Copenhagen. The new works are still oil on canvas, impasto, expressive and painted with rapid brushstrokes. It is with dark humour, a grotesque twist and a particular tristesse that Dan Schein works with absurd situations from everyday life, which he transfers to 'The Woods' or other remote and isolated communities far from New York.

A catalogue with both new and old paintings by the artist will soon be published. The text is by the Danish art critics Peter Michael Hornung, who writes: "The images are not autobiographical, but some images seems to refer to personally experiences (...). There is an affinity between the dirt and slushy mud in the pictures and the impasto painting technique used to depict landscapes and situations. In this process we encounter an artist's need to communicate strongly, personally and vitally for each sign in the picture is also meant as a life-sign. In these paintings the picturesque is obvious."

Dan Schein (b. 1985) was born in South Africa he grew up in several places particularly in the United States and now lives in New York. He graduated in 2011 and studied at Purchase College SUNY and Tyler School of Art, Temple University, Philadelphia. Dan Schein's first solo show is: "As You Stand There Watching", Galleri Tom Christoffersen, Copenhagen (2012), and in January 2014 he opens a solo show at Galleri Brandstrup, Oslo. In 2012 he did four lithographs at Hostrup-Pedersen & Johansen. Apart from paintings he also do works on paper e.g. drawing and collage. Dan Schein is represented by Galleri Tom Christoffersen.

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