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Anna Ørberg

04.05.2018 - 20.05.2018



The Imperative of the Hyper-Likable


"Google just announced they'd donate $20 mil. to the cause" said Chris, a 40-something male living on the streets of San José, when asked about the current housing crisis and it's relation to the tech industries in the cities that make up Silicon Valley.

It seemed like a generous offer from the tech giant but then again, what is $20 mil. to a multinational conglomerate that makes more than $60 mil. - every single day.

Furthermore, the donation couldn't be confirmed in any online searches - not even on it's own world-renowned search engine, Google.com .

But Chris' comment seems to sum up the core of the paradox: In an economy where you are dependent on the charity from the same multinational corporations that are forcing you out of your home, all critique of these companies will bounce off like water off of a duck's back. 


So then it is time for redemption and enlightenment and spring-break feel of new life and all the possibilities of the new world order 

and the sound of summer buzzing out here in the garage set up of the FSC suburban villa streets.

FSC have now the pleasure to welcome you into the world of Anna Ørberg, now also as a video artist.

Anna have made the journey to the land of the free and brave and the thumbs ups and the fast food nation.

She crossed the sea to find the fastest way to India and found a country where the stars of TV entertainments becomes presidents 

and where everyone needs a car and a gun to be free..

She took a deep surfaced journey into the Silly-con Valleyed, into the real surface of it all, 

a journey into the world of startups, of multi-nationals, of the jerusalem cradle of internet,

to the L.A. and into the real meaning of it all..

Just google it..

FSC are super psyched up to present her brand new work, directly fresh out of the computers 

and the mind of her deep dive into the cradle of garage start-ups.


Anna Ørberg also @ FSC Nano Residency doing FSC MASTERCLASS #2:

For this FSC SS#10 Anna will in connection with the exhibition also be doing a 3 day FSC nano-residency 

@ the brand new FSC Nano Residency / Industrial Alchemist Lab space 

located in another new FSC location app. 10 min walking distance to the FSC gallery space.

This will result in a FSC Masterclass #2, that will be a performative/informative presentation in the FSC residency

from 16:00-16:50 where we all will get a intimate encounter with the work and a Q&A feel of it, and free coffee :)

Link to the event will be soon up on:

@ 16:50 we all walk through the villa streets of Brønshøj from FSC Nano Residency to to the FSC gallery space to open the SS#10- Hyper Likable..


Here we will have all the stuff you ever dreamed of + even more.

Here the show of Anna Ørberg will be ready for you to indulge 

and there will be some nice music to listen to 

and there will be a nice way to go into the deeper meaning of it all.. 

FSC are looking so much forward to see you all here to become a part of it all.


Come out and enjoy

and have some good moments here with us.


FSC / Jens Ivar Kjetså / Anna Ørberg

FSC / Jens Ivar Kjetså / Anna Ørberg

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