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Charlotte Fogh Gallery

Mejlgade 44, 8000 Århus C

MAIL: cf@charlottefogh.dk

TLF: +45 2929 7105

WEB: charlottefogh.dk

Tirsdag - fredag 12-17, lørdag 11-15

Here is somewhere else


15.02.2014 - 15.03.2014


HuskMitNavn is exhibiting for the fourth time solo at Charlotte Fogh Gallery.

At the exhibition, Here is somewhere else, HuskMitNavn visualizes a world, where we are able to be present in several places at once, while often unable to be present where we are.
Through drawings and paintings the artist present glimpses of everyday life and focuses on the important moments that pass us, without us really detecting them. The absent-minded man who (again?) has misplaced his keys. The man who tries to do it all at once, while only dream to relax. Dog walking tour with the family where the father is absent, even if he actually is present. That wonderful moment - in the hammock or in the bath - which you allow to dream away instead of doing what you should. And not least: The unbridled joy a child(ish mind) can create through the chaos and disruption in everyday grind.
Here is somewhere else revolves around the daily life of intense but forgetting moments and reminds us that they form a significant part of our lives. HuskMitNavns easily recognizable stroke and subtle humor has placed him as one of the most significant and groundbreaking artists both in Denmark and internationally. His style has over the years evolved from graffiti´s large expanses of color and distinctive contour-drawing to a unique picturesque style that combines graffiti techniques with more classic styles, reminiscent of the Danish modernist masters of Wilhelm Lundstrom, Heerup and Edward Weie. HuskMitNavns works resonate with immediate messages and a well-developed sense of the large and small dramas that play out in the ordinary daily life.

HuskMitNavn (b. 1975) has over the last 15 years exhibited his art in both Danish and international galleries and prestigious museums. Recent exhibitions include Ruttkowski 68 Gallery in Cologne, HuskMitNavns tenth anniversary exhibition From workshop to work at the Art Museum KØS , Smack the Storm P. Museum, Nudes at Guerrero Gallery in San Francisco, Beef or Chicken at The Hole in New York and New Nordic Architecture at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.

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