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Christian Andersen

Bispevej 29, 2400 København NV

MAIL: info@christianandersen.net

TLF: +45 2537 4101

WEB: christianandersen.net

Tirsdag - fredag 12-18, Lørdag 12-16


Morten Skrøder Lund

17.08.2013 - 14.09.2013


Welcome to the opening of Morten Skrøder Lund's solo show Hang.

Morten Skrøder Lund's textured paintings strains from thoughts on reduction, stripping away narrative logic in favour of the disjointed. By deliberately removing references towards other works of art he tries to shatter any coherent reading of his paintings. Intriguingly, Skrøder Lund describes himself not as a painter but as somebody who produce paintings. This conceptual approach to painting emphasizes the process of production over the immediate expressive. The pigment is applied as traces of random structures and actions rather than in arranged compositions. This does not exclude that his work have rich visual qualities as the experimental use of form and materials often create intense depth, textures and atmospheres that contribute to emphasize each canvas' individual anatomy.

In one series of works the artist added paint to roller blinds to let each image unfold by rolling them up and down. Through this type of staged experimental setting and an often unorthodox mix of materials Skrøder Lund seems to distance himself from the process of painting itself - creating unexpected visual outcomes that lie slightly beyond his control. By leaving large parts of the creative process to chance, Skrøder Lund creates a void between the artistic subject and the painting. As a result each image seems to carry its own internal logic, caught in a constant dialogue with its own conditions.

For the exhibition at Christian Andersen Skrøder Lund presents a limited collection of work. Dominating the gallery space is a large canvas that has been prepared in stages. The last layer of paint will be applied in the gallery right up to the opening thereby letting the final appearance of the painting take shape in front of our eyes as the paint dries during the first days of the exhibition.

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