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Onsdag - søndag 11-17

Hammer Without a Master: Henning Christiansen's Archive

Leif Elggren, Andreas Führer, Jacob Kirkegaard, T.R. Kirstein, Claus Haxholm, Johannes Lund, Gordon Monahan, Vagn E. Olsson, Marja-leena Sillanpää, Society for the Disorderly Speaker, Tori Wrånes, Henning Christiansen, Ursula Reuter Christiansen

Kurator: Chiara Giovando

23.06.2013 - 11.08.2013

Johannes Lund: Spiral, 2013, Performance. Foto: Thomas Bagge.

Jacob Kirkegaard: Thrum Ethiopia, 2013, Performance. Foto: Thomas Bagge.

FLUIM FLAM LUFUM FLUX a publication by WOMEN with Chiara Giovando, 2013, Wood, acetate dub plates, steal base. Foto: Thomas Bagge.

Gordon Monahan: Trembling Antennae for Henning Christiansen, 2013, Kinetic sound sculptures. Foto: Thomas Bagge.

Marja-leena Sillanpää: So Holy Hidden, 2013, Installation with found objects. Foto: Thomas Bagge.

Leif Elggren: Infinity Plus One for Henning Christiansen, 2013, Installation with found objects, publications and black mirror. Foto: Thomas Bagge.


Opening June 22, with ongoing performances June 22–23, Kunsthal 44 Møen is pleased to present Hammer Without a Master: Henning Christiansen’s Archive , a festival and exhibition of new composition and visual art in a newly acquired building beside the Kunsthal's main gallery. Hammer Without a Master responds to the compositional works of Danish Fluxus artist and composer Henning Christiansen, inaugurating the new building as the future summer residency house for young composers, curators and artists as well as permanent home of the Henning Christiansen Archive.

Curated by Chiara Giovando, the exhibition invites eleven sound artists and composers to create several site-specific works and two newly commissioned compositions that will launch the future site of Fluxus artist and composer Henning Christiansen’s archive.

Leif Elggren (SE),
Andreas Führer (DK),
Jacob Kirkegaard (DK),
TR Kirstein with Claus Haxholm (DK),
Johannes Lund (DK),
Gordon Monahan (CA),
Vagn E. Olsson (DK),
Marja-leena Sillanpää (SD),

Society for the Disorderly Speaker (DK) and Tori Wrånes (NO) have been invited to respond to the archive and work of Christiansen. Also woven into the exhibition are select elements from the archive itself as well as iconic sculpture from Henning Christiansen and painting by Ursula Reuter Christiansen      . 

In conjunction with the exhibition’s opening reception, June 22, 14:00 - 19:00 there will be ongoing performance at and around Kunsthal 44 Møen and the following day, June 23, 13:00 in nearby Fanefjord Kirke.

Among several new works included are a large-scale site-specific musical instrument using the exhibition floor as a soundboard by Vagn E. Olsson, a series of kinetic sound sculptures by Gordon Monahan and live vocal performance by artist and composer Tori Wrånes.

Hammer Without a Master both includes and responds directly to material in the archive while celebrating contemporary practices that have a relationship to the Fluxus impulse. The project hopes to embrace experimentation and the loss of control that unfolds spontaneously in direct response to the moment.


Saturday 22/6
10.00 am: TR Kirstein & Claus Haxholm performing: Grundtoner (continues all day)
2.00 pm: Vagn E. Olsson performing: reading/action
2.30 pm: Gordon Monahan performing: Piano Mechanics
4.00 pm: Vagn E. Olsson performing: soundpiece/action
4.45 pm: Leif Elggren performing : Infinity Plus One For Henning Christiansen
5.30 pm: Tori Wrånes performing: Talking/Singing by Geir Johnson  
6.15 pm: Jacob Kirkegaard performing : THRUM ETHIOPIA
7.00 pm: Johannes Lund performing: Spiral

Sunday 23/6
1.00 pm: Andreas Führer performing: The corrupted ear (Vocal and Organ)
2.30 pm: Ande Somby performing

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