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Renata Maiblum Gallery

Gammel Kongevej 74B, gården, kld. 1850 Frederiksberg C

by appointment


Florin Nedelcu, Jesper Dalmose, Lennox Raphael, Linda Zivere, Mette Rosendal Andersen, Paul Hartley, Renata Ladovic Mestrovic, Søren Tougaard

09.12.2018 - 23.12.2018

Renata Maiblum Gallery, Jesper Dalmose, Intermezzo

Jesper Dalmose: Intermezzo (still), 2018, Video.


GROUP SHOW December 2018 features the work of eight artists excelling in printmaking, drawings, paintings, photography, textile, and video art. They are linked by a luminosity which propels enthusiasm, diversity and intense imagination to the surface. And, as in the velocity of the year ending with its winter mist, this December drift of time is a tribute to ever-returning new beginnings.

FLORIN NEDELCU (photography)
– fragments of portraits, the nuanced human face emerging from depths of dark background showing the simplicity of human beauty

– intimate human desire of voyages, a surrealistic fable from the subconscious told through visual poetry in motion

LENNOX RAPHAEL (paintings)
– painterly expressions combined with organic materials: an infusion of primal and fabricated elements creating new realms of being

LINDA ZIVERE (paintings)
– visible brushstrokes and an intensity of colours impart a paradoxical atmosphere of silence and the meditative to the paintings

– tangible sculptures in motion exposing qualities of robust existence and simultaneous vulnerabilities

PAUL HARTLEY (drawing)
– repetitive images of the same movement illustrating an uncanny play with the visual directed towards a minimalistic perfection of expression

– this print-series shaped into a compact visual tale with its complex technique and style, is a combination of individual and ensemble parts that point to today’s existential complexities

SØREN TOUGAARD (paintings)
– traditional painting with recognizable contemporary images full of longing and running away at the same time while intermingling with impressions of despair and hope in a beautifully expressed visual language

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