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Online platform

WEB: ilyd.nu

Gerasimou's Crystal Shadow


Kurator: Dyveke Bredsdorff, Emilie Kjaer

02.12.2018 - 31.12.2018


December will be SHELL LIKE curators Amy Pettifer and Jennifer Boyd FINAL show at ilyd.nu presenting a work by Mikatsiu titled Gerasimou's Crystal Shadow. 

In Gerasimou's Crystal Shadow eyes open stickily to a computer dawn in which deep bass is an echoing remnant of earlier hours - heard as if inside the body, teeth chewing to the beat of blood. Melancholic want rings delicate and high pitched and the gagged mouth strains to speak - or sing; control and embodiment remaining elusive like light dancing on a bedroom wall. Sudden deliverance comes as metallic gears grind and the body begins to swerve and curl in the air - all motion and purpose - like running through a city at night towards the throb of possible communality, possible other flesh. At the peak of breath the voice finally roams free, conspiratorial, impish and heavy with hope.  

This work was commissioned by SHELL LIKE for their fourth listening event The Mouth Takes A Bite Out Of This Cruel Summer, and was premiered at LUX, London in September 2018. 

Mikatsiu is a queer feminist Eurasian writer and artist, using sonic frequencies to build spatial narratives for evanescent inhabitation. Their interests are grounded in contemporary discourses that dissect the dissonant confusion of what it means to be a human being on this planet. www.mikahayashiebbesen.com 


SHELL LIKE is a collaboration between writers Amy Pettifer and Jennifer Boyd, taking the form of listening events featuring both existing and newly commissioned audio work by UK and international artists and writers. These events comprise one-hour-long programmes, curated in response to a theme and to be experienced in the surrounds of an exhibition or conceived environment. SHELL LIKE creates a dedicated space for sound work and focuses on the importance of listening - particularly as a group - as a vital social and political act. Past SHELL LIKE events have taken place at Guest Projects and Artsadmin in London, and Sidney Cooper Gallery in Canterbury. Their fourth event will be at LUX, London in September 2018. SHELL LIKE have worked with artists and writers including Tai Shani, Heather Phillipson, Larry Achiampong, Caroline Bergvall, Diana Policarpo, Evan Ifekoya and Grace Schwindt.

From its beginning, SHELL LIKE has been concerned with how text might exist outside the bounds of conventional publishing. In response to ilyd’s foregrounding of early sound works by visual artists, SHELL LIKE will use their takeover to present a series of audio works by writers which, in many cases, are their first experiments with the medium. The programme, running from June - December 2018, will feature Amy Pettifer, Jennifer Boyd, Octavia Bright, Nisha Ramayya, Matilda Tjäder, Leyla Pillai and Alex Borkowski.

We bid SHELL LIKE farewell from the online platform in what has been an exiting past 5 months showing their bid to what sound can entail. We'll continue working together through our residency at Raven Row in London.

ilyd.nu is curated by Emilie Kjaer and Dyveke Bredsdorff.

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