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Buddenbrooks Gallery

Kjeld Langes Gade 4., 1367 København K

TLF: +45 2856 7408


Georg Jagunov

21.05.2016 - 03.06.2016


Geomancy(Greek for "earth divination") is a the art of placing or arranging buildings or other sites auspiciously. It is also a form of divination from the configuration of a handful of earth or random dots.

Kehai­ - Japanese for sign, hint or not ­yet­ manifest indication of something.

The Geomancer exhibition engages with contemporary building sites and materials. The construction markings, veils, demarcations and thresholds are of particular interest. While being temporary spatial formations to be discarded later on, they foreshadow the shapes and spaces to come. Through the contemplative gaze this signs become semi­magical prefigurations and omens.

The luminescent marks on the walls and the ground are more than simple construction measures. They manifest undifferentiated, intuitive space going well beyond any mere mechanistic articulation. They create spatial constellation similar to urban runes, alchemic patterns and ancient ritual sites. They become thresholds and portals to the places we know little about. They mark and open doors that were previously sealed by the obscurity of the present moment. The artist acts as geomancer evoking this transitional spaces of permanent becoming, devoid o human presence, yet full of subtle life. The solid concrete surface is being pierced and reveals the dimensions behind the facade. This fractures allow us the glimpse into the realm of self organizing time and space.

Geomancer is highly influenced by the way sacred spaces and altars(Himorogi) aretraditionallyarrangedin Japan. Temporary and ritualistic in their nature, they begin with the clearing and purifying the “ central nothing” space,­ an absorbing void to invite the kami (spirits) and then give them a physical space to occupy during a ritual to follow. With the means of purifying demarcation ropes(Shimenawa) the space is marked and a certain artifact/plant/rock(Yorishiro) is placed for the spirits to inhabit, thus becoming Shintai(body of the kami). When the ritualistic communication with the spirits is over the demarcations and artifacts are removed and the place is restored to it’s original state. Similar rituals are still actively performed in Japan during the commencement of civil engineering or architectural projects. This kind of space can be created with minimal means and virtually anywhere. But at the same time, some sort of structure is requisite to mark and embellish the sacred invited being­ the god’s body as void­ precisely by veiling and distancing it from the spectator’s gaze.

Geomancer show consists of 11 photographs and collages as well as a site specific installation created for the exhibition space.

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