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FSC SS#8 - If it works, it works

Line Larsen

24.11.2017 - 08.12.2017


Artistic Comment:
When you go out in the world, remember to always be yourself and speak your mind,
unless someone else is talking.
Don't listen to everything people say,
but also keep an open mind.
Find some good routines and stability in your life,
but also don't be afraid to try new things.
Belive in yourself, you can do anything you set your mind to,
but also know your own limits.
Be brave.
Live your life like there's no tomorrow,
but also plan for the future and you'll be fine.



Line Larsen is a Norwegian artist (& a singer, a lyricsist, a keybaord player, a guest vocalist and music video maker), based in Copenhagen.

In her spare time she takes care of stray cats, shoots her fathers guns and has ambitions to become an actor or marry Yung Lean, or at least get to know him better.

When making exhibtions she usually brings some elements from home, some materials and a good CD. For her FSC SOLO SESSION #8, Larsen will approach the gallery room like she approches real life, with a vague idea of whats going on, a search for meaning and connection, a need to express herself and hope that everything is going to be ok.

Line Larsen has developed a substantial body of work engaged with an idea of disrupting the everyday. This has been elaborated alongside with a critical method of disturbation and authorship, questioning art world norms and its commodity production through strategies of ephemerality, negation and anonymity.

In her practise there is the reference to the fantastic and magical, she plays with perception and challenges the idea of "reality".

One could say she is on a mission to tear the fabric of normality.

Some might say she’s seen to many films or read to many fantasybooks, and therefore might have some difficulties coming to terms with the limitations of everyday life as she combines the magical with the mundane, pursuing a direct expression from brain to hand, trying to shortcut consciousness.

The unexpected and the element of surprise is key elemtents in her practise. At home is the place where Line Larsen thrifes. She has no studio, so she lives and work in the same room, which can be seen in some of her pieces. 

Her slogans usually accompany the works in some way or another, ”Sure we all love art, but ask yourself this, was has art done for YOU lately? ” 

One might say that the red thread in Larsens art practise is more like a red ball, or planet, that keeps expanding accordingly as new doors, portals or art show opens.

Ms Larsen herself is not too found of saying too much about her work, she has stated in a rare interview ”I prefer to let people make up their own minds regarding my work, rather than to present an interpretation, then the game would be over…”


So FSC are totally excited to present this amazing lady and show you all what she have been cooking in her mind/studio/home and IRL.

This will be so super awesome, that it will make you want to go bananas..

So come on and take the trip out into the awesome world of Line Larsen, 

get a hot drink and feel the good vibes of winter, cross mixing with the warm hearted and togetherness of been here (and there) and in it and around the fire.

We will feed you with some nice sounds and there will be a very special LL performance that will break your heart and crush your soul, for then again mend your heart and save you from eternal lostness.

Come and be saved, come and enjoy and have some good moments here with us.

BTW. Dresscode: warm cloths & warm thoughts.

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