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FotoForum: Sumé - The sound of revolution

12.11.2015 -

Screening of the documentary Sumé and talk with the producer Emile Hertling Péronard

SUMÉ - THE SOUND OF A REVOLUTION is the story of an indigenous peoples' fight for political freedom. Uniquely exposed through a charismatic rock band of young, ambitious and idealistic Greenlanders. 

It's a revolution you've probably never heard of. Not a shot was fired, not a single drop of blood spilled. But in the span of just a few years in the 1970's the hearts and minds of the entire Greenlandic people were turned upside down. 

The sound of Greenland's first rock band singing in their native tongue woke people up. SUMÉ's lyrics introduced words like "oppression" and "revolution" to the Greenlandic language, and inspired the political figures of the time to take Greenland's policies out of the hands of Danish politicians.

Now, 40 years later, the first international feature documentary film to be produced in Greenland chronicles the uprising in the 1970's and Sumé's impact on Greenlandic history. Through present day interviews and unique previously unseen archival footage the film brings to life a story of an indigenous people's fight for their own voice and cultural identity. 

Songs of the past echo into a present where Greenland faces the ultimate test on how much independence a small nation can handle. As in the 1970s the Greenlanders today face changes that will once again shake the core of their cultural identity.

Sumé, 2014 (1h 11mn)


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