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Salon 75

Peter Bangs vej 75 st tv, 2000 Frederiksberg

Figures Of Speech

Valentina Makarova Seksiova

01.06.2018 - 04.06.2018


Salon 75 presents Figures Of Speech an exhibition by Russian artist Valentina Makarova Seksiova.

Figures of speech is a poetic text of urban space, inspired by the work of Wassily Kandinsky Point and Line to Plane in the form of a private performance, which postulates occult involvement according to Erving Goffman. This is the only reliable course of the artist, describing the interaction of a unit of view and a number of conventions and boundaries that construct the impossibility of self-withdrawal from existing, established urban and linguistic systems.

“In his writings, Kandinsky analyzed the geometrical elements which make up every painting — the point and the line. He called the physical support and the material surface on which the artist draws or paints the basic plane. He did not analyze them objectively but from the point of view of their inner effect on the observer.

A point is a small bit of color put by the artist on the canvas. It is neither a geometric point nor a mathematical abstraction; it is extension, form, and color. This form can be a square, a triangle, a circle, a star or something more complex. The point is the most concise form but, according to its placement on the basic plane, it will take a different tonality. It can be isolated or resonate with other points or lines”.

“The impression of occult involvement often arises not because of the directional orientation of the individual to something that is not present now, but because of the way in which he treats what others recognize as existing.”

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