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Marianne Friis Gallery

Bredgade 22, 1260 København K

Onsdag - fredag 11-17, lørdag 12-16

Fie Norsker and Thomas Lindvig - New Works

Fie Norsker, Thomas Lindvig

26.04.2014 - 20.06.2014


Marianne Friis Gallery proudly presents the two Danish artists Fie Norsker and Thomas Lindvig, both educated at the Royal Danish Academy of Art in respectively 2006 and 2002, in 2 separate exhibitions.

Fie Norsker (1974) presents new ceramic works. Norsker usually works in several different media in a figurative and narrative universe. In continuation of the works shown in the exhibition X - hibition (2012) Norsker has worked with abstract shapes, compositions and figurative and recognizable figures as retrieved from an imaginative universe. Among these are shapes that mimic trunk shoes, faces, strange animals with teapot-like ears, and ghost creatures. Almost all of the figures are glazed in a silver bronze.
Fie Norsker has recently participated in the group exhibition Echo (2013) at Galleri Christoffer Egelund and will be participating in the exhibition Heerup in the middle in May at Viborg Kunsthal (2014).

Thomas Lindvig (1973) presents new works on canvas and paper. In the big blue layered paintings Lindvig works with process. The motive seems to be curtains, and the works appear almost three -dimensional. The works challenge the viewer's sensibility and reception. In Lindvig's own words: "The works revolve around the inner and the outer, between formality and deformity, between materiality and immateriality and between abstraction and narrativity. Through the interaction of structural and non-structural, the fleeting is explored amongst other things, and its expression is attempted to be captured by a given material." In the second series of works Lindvig works on paper. Fine layers of paint are put onto templates that show an outline of existing clippings from newspapers and magazines. The result is aesthetically appealing but the starting point is usually scenes from a harsh reality. As for instance the prostitute who is getting ready for the next customer, or the condemned man on his knees before his executioner.

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