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Friisgatan 15, 214 30 Malmö

Tuesday - Sunday 13- 17

Fade from black

Bjarni Þor Pétursson

08.06.2013 - 22.06.2013


When light travels through an empty space it becomes invisible. It disappears from sight and it is not at all certain that one will ever see it again. It is quite possible that the light goes somewhere else when it disappears, taking the opportunity. Yet it will clearly end up somewhere, however far in the future that may be. It is inevitable. Unless you cast it straight into the mouth of dark, complete nothingness. Then you can be certain that you will never see it again. Not even in a dream. There is no light in a dream.

At some definite moment when scenery is being assembled or disassembled a battle takes place between two worlds. In my work, I have experimented with this precise moment when the gap is revealed. These are the worlds – or perhaps the non-worlds – on top of which existence floats. They are the ecstasy that divides reality and fiction. This is the place that shakes of every attempt at meaning. Long after all stories have been told, one can discern a murmur of those left behind. 

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