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Renata Maiblum Gallery

Gammel Kongevej 74B, gården, kld. 1850 Frederiksberg C

by appointment


Renata Ladović Meštović

07.07.2019 - 30.08.2019


Series of prints, Exhausting, features seemingly unrelated forms: from Earth map to circles, lines, spots, and human shapes. The flatness of these forms, achieved through monochrome black, grey and vivid yellow, is periodically disturbed by chaotic lines; but, however random these carefully placed elements may appear as they stretch out of the paper format, they are not in any easily recognised relationship.

Such unrelatedness implies too a subconscious narrative: where the feeling of lack of control or relational content is feared. On the other hand, this awareness also opens the space for a sense of acceptance: that through the complexity of our sublime minds we share contextual similarities within: namely our existential linkages.

Renata Ladović Meštović (1971, Zagreb, Croatia) completed the Applied Arts School’s Department of Graphic Arts and in 1996 graduated at the Art Academy in Zagreb in the Class of Professor Frane Paro. Between 1997 and 2002 she taught at the Crafts and Industrial Construction School in Zagreb. She was employed by the companies Hermes- inter (2003–2009), Hermes nautika (2009–2011) and Bura brodovi (2011–2018) as a graphic and industrial designer. In 2015 she completed the Postgraduate specialist study of graphic arts, specialising intaglio major under the supervision of Professor Frane Paro. She authored the handbook Akvatinta – Povijest i tehnike (Aquatint – History and Techniques). Renata has exhibited her work since 1991. She lives and works in Zagreb.

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