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Friisgatan 15, 214 30 Malmö

Tuesday - Sunday 13- 17

Every Name in History is I

Hanni Kamaly

09.01.2016 - 23.01.2016



I paraphrase the great Frederick Douglass:

From the heartless pavements of large and crowded cities; barefooted, homeless, and friendless, they have come. From hunger, rags and destitution, they have come; motherless and fatherless, they have come, and may come. Flung overboard in the midnight storm on the broad and tempest-tossed ocean of life; left without ropes, planks, oars or life-preservers – they have come, despite the futility of becoming things.

I paraphrased him, the famous Wittgenstein:

It/We must set limits to what can be thought; and, in doing so, to what cannot be thought. It/We must set limits to what cannot be thought by working outwards through what can be thought.

Drawing a circle has never been this difficult. My different is scratched out, but the lottery ticket gave no price. I was shoo shoo'ed away. “But in un-dying-ness I became!” I exclaimed.

Civilization has never been this uncivil before.

1961, Paris blues, just a bunch of colonized rocks thrown into the Seine.

An instrument of production and in producing, I replaced my place with things.

Hanni Kamalys works in-between and in morphing of science fiction with current and past realities, of colonialism and immigration-politics. By delving deeper into these areas, her work manifests ideas without answering them. Her ideas form sculptures and videos where she investigates the borders of existence and within this project, the foundation of «othering» becomes prominent. In encountering the work, we might ask ourselves who is this «other» or if it's in fact we who are «the other» The other here is taken and transformed, and in its turning it showcases the brutal acts of «othering» that exist – the structures become visible.

As the artist writes herself; «The creatures creep in, invade, create a habit and spreads. This feeling of anxiety and restlessness can be traced from history into contemporary society. Its existential and political, the alienation comes from within.»

Every Name in History is I is the graduate exhibition of Hanni Kamaly, who will complete her MFA at Malmö Art Academy spring 2016.


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