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Entering Into Relation With an Object: A Life of Metal

Camilla Reyman

20.04.2017 -

This reading accompanies the first iteration of Entering Into Relation with an Object in exhibition form: Camilla Reyman's solo show An Intimate Connection Vol. 2.

One day in 1999 Reyman woke up as a car. The reading investigates the relationship and ontological differences between humans and cars through an excerpt of Jane Bennet's "Vibrant Matter: A Political Ecology of Things" (2009). Let's find out what A Life of Metal might look like together.

Entering Into Relation With an Object evolved out of a shared curiosity toward objects: their proliferation, status and possible lives. Through a series of performative events and exhibitions, the project centers on the perceptual worlds of non-human beings, objects and machines, trying to find a sustainable critical stance towards the objects that surround us.

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