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Forhåbningsholms Alle 47C, 1904 Frederiksberg C

Mandag og onsdag 14 - 17 og efter aftale

En dreng, der leger hest på en skildpadde

Kristina Bengtsson, Chiara Bugatti, Søren Engsted, Daniel Lergon, Henning Lundkvist, Duncan Paré, Fredrik Tydén, David Horvitz, YarisalL & Kublitz

07.06.2019 - 10.08.2019


Thursday  June 6  |  5-8PM
join us in celebrating the opening of

En dreng, der leger hest på en skildpadde*

* A YOUTH PLAYING HORSEY ON A TORTOISE  lends its title from a bronze exhibited in 1921 by Danish sculptor, Helen DOHLMANN (1870-1942)

a group exhibition
that brings together works spanning
more than a decade respectively;

practices that spur a curiously baroque sensibility,
and specifically exemplify mergings of language/body
across haptic and temporal space with this selection;

signalling what can be likened to the budding affinities
at play while authoring a collection’s circumstantial identity

Kristina BENGTSSON   Chiara BUGATTI   Søren ENGSTED  Daniel LERGON   Henning LUNDKVIST   Duncan PARÉ   Fredrik TYDÉN

mingling private collection examples by
David HORVITZ  (crediting Edward STECK)    YARISAL & KUBLITZ


an expounded introduction will be at hand for the opening
and available for download on the gallery’s website thereafter through August 10th

images and further details
are available by request

at parkere cyklerne ved fortorvet

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