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Slagtehusgade 18, 1715 København V

Onsdag-fredag: 12-18. Lørdag: 12-16

Eighteen Art Cinema

Ari Marcopoulos, Devin Troy Strother, Thomas Campbell

07.12.2019 - 21.12.2019


Ari Marcopoulos
The Park, 2017-18
58 min.

Bridging fine art and street photography, Ari Marcopoulos’ (b. 1956, USA) 58-minute film The Park (2019) captures the slow flow and punctuated ruptures of contemporary social life at an unfenced basketball court in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, New York. Transforming the sports ground into a stage upon which the spontaneity of our everyday life plays out, it is an anthropological survey of passing moments of intensity, of relationships, kinship and community.

Friday, December 6, 12-8 PM
Wednesday, December 11, 12-6 PM
Friday, December 13, 12-6 PM
Thursday, December 19, 12-6 PM
Saturday, December 21, 12-4 PM


Devin Troy Strother
The Worst Witch, 2019
8 min. 2-channel film

In Devin Troy Strother’s (b. 1986, USA) 8-minute two-channel video, The Worst Witch (2019), a young black woman performs for the camera as a green witch, parodying the classic trope of the magical negro. Switching between single and double screen, zooming in and out of a mosaic of images within images, the fragmented video never presents a singular image of the witch; it captures not just the interior of her home, but what Strother conceptualizes as the metaphorical space of her inner psyche – a privileged and intimate site to which the viewer is magically drawn. Disrupting the wholeness of the subject, Strother leaves us with a dynamic representation of identity, forming and deforming as the witch slowly takes off her green makeup.

Saturday, December 7, 12-4 PM
Thursday, December 12, 12-6 PM
Wednesday, December 18, 12-6 PM
Friday, December 20, 12-6 PM


Thomas Campbell
Ye Olde Destruction (YOD), 2019
57 min. 16mm film

For the past seven years, artist and filmmaker Thomas Campbell (b. 1969, USA) has been working on his self-funded skateboarding film Ye Olde Destruction, a black-and-white 16mm exploit, featuring “a solid grip of shredders building and skating DIY spots, some street action, pools and other stuff,” as Campbell notes. The impetus of the film – the two groups of skaters driving through California in cool old cars – almost classifies it as a classic car movie, but presented in a brutal and somehow dreamscape editing style, featuring frenetic scribblings of the renowned zine-artist Sergej Vutuc and an original score composed by the LA-based duo No Age, it turns out as a subtle time warp, an inter-web of a community, emotions and tensions, an ode to a lifelong affair with skateboarding.

Featured YOD skaters:Evan Smith, Jon Dickson, Jason Adams, Rick Mccrank, Max Schaaf, Caswell Berry, Brent Atchley, Elisa Steamer, Ray Barbee, Al Partanen, Omar Salazar, Jackson Pilz, Robbie Russo, Ben Raemers, Chris Russell, Willis Kimble, Cody Chapman, Rayne Beres, John Worthington, Emmanuel Guzman, Cole Wilson, Roger Mihalko, Tony Miorana, Aron Suski, Mark Suciu, Andy Roy, Eli Williams, Israel Forbes, Nick Garcia, Oski Rozenberg ,Barker Barrett, Dennis Buzenitz, Tony Trujillo, Sid Melvin, Zarosh Eggleston, Zach Wallin, Ishod wair, Chico Brennes, Louie Barletta, Collin Provost, Stefan Janoski, Raven Tershy, T Funk, Taylor bingaman. Jeremy Leabres, Ben Raemers and Grant Taylor.

Saturday, December 14, 12-4 PM

Thank you Allyson Spellacy, Fergus McCaffrey Gallery, Palle Vedel (Manden med Kameraet)

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