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Buddenbrooks Gallery

Kjeld Langes Gade 4., 1367 København K

TLF: +45 2856 7408


Kirsty Badenoch

10.02.2018 - 04.03.2018


EBB// \\FLOW is a two-part exhibition exploring architectural states of fragility and fluidity: moments caught between construction and destruction, compressing speed, time and topography.

EBB// preserves the cartographic memories of six islands lost to the Indian Ocean. Situated in the Maldives, one of the most remote, beautiful and fragile places on earth, the archipelago is the lowest country in the world and the third most endangered from rising sea levels. EBB// preserves six of these endangered islands as relics of how they once stood. Hand-etched into copper sheets and exposed to a series of acid erosion processes in embodiment of the destructive oceanic forces, the topographical models preserve a frozen moment of lands caught in transition. Their embossings are almost invisible; ghosts caught in a state of spatial and temporal suspension.

\\FLOW captures the impacts of force and flow in a calligraphic ballet of speed, time and gravity. The drawings investigate a poetic cartography of turbulence, chaos and fluidity, enacting complex weavings of movement, event and impact that engage on a scale of the entire body. An interplay of energies imagines new architectonic hydroscapes shaped by a constant state of flux. Fragmentary, temporal and unpredictable.

Kirsty Badenoch is an artist and architect working with landscape, territory and the imaginary. Her work centres around the dynamic relationship between nature and the manmade, exploring processes of time and the interplaying forces that shape our environment.

The solo show EBB// \\FLOW will run from the 9th of February until the 4th of March. Beer and wine will be served at the vernissage on Friday 9th from 17.

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