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Galleri Q

Peder Skrams Gade 2, 1050 København K

Lørdag & søndag 12-17

Dreamy Eyes of Wonder

Jo Mikkel Sjaastad Huse, Isabella Solar Villaseca, Maria Jacobson, Iris Brinkborg, Nikki Fager Myrholm, Siska Katrine Jørgensen , Christina René, Sisse Mark

17.11.2018 - 18.11.2018


Day One
Dear diary, earlier today I looked in the mirror and thought: one is real; one is fake, which is which?
As I’ve already written here numerous times, I am interested in and occupied by questions of authenticity and representation. My skin feels like wax. I am caught up in language and generalisations. Phenomenological distress.

Day Two
The construction of a home - a space to call your own. Comforting and soothing, a place to furnish and get comfortable in when public life is rejective and only serves one disappointment after the other. 

Day Three
A dinner party unfolds - but not only in regards to the everyday situation of a family eating and finishing a dinner. The objects around them settle quietly for their attention and arrange the residents around the table. This is reality; they sit on their chairs and rest their feet on the carpet. 

Day Four
The computer is in conflict with the user. As an extension of the human needs it can suddenly express its own poetry and question the users never ending expectations and requirements. 

Day Five
Her grandparents’ house, which she pretty much grew up in, became something else the afternoon she broke in. Her beloved ones were gone but everything looked the same and nothing in the setting had changed. She valued things, spaces and places, saved and nurtured them but this had changed and was no longer a home.

Day Six
The room does not function as a room. It appears to be a sample of a room but the walls lack insulation and the foundation is not solid. A brick is a brick is a brick is a brick until you change the size (just a bit) then it becomes a representation of the same brick with new potentials. The room that was once an aquarium is now well appreciated for taking on an alternative function and hosting new agendas. 

Day Seven
They take on new shapes and colours and integrate themselves in new contexts, often without being noticed. Sometimes they also come through with the help of external influences and unforeseen incidents. A new condition is rarely a big drama but is developed over time and can be very discreet. 

Day Eight
All I do is dream. Jumping from one dream to the next, in total distance of the surroundings I can actually grasp. I don’t even know when I have achieved something because I am already on to the next. I am dreaming, hoping and relying on something or someone to decide on my behalf, because nothing is real enough to me.

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