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Galleri CC

Båstadsgatan 4, 214 33 Malmö

Torsdag - fredag: 16-19, lørdag - Søndag: 13-16


Nils Ekman, Muyeong Kim

02.02.2019 - 24.02.2019


Deep time is the concept of geological time. The word deep implies that these timescales reach beyond what is imaginable. As in the fact that the half-life of depleted uranium is around 4.5 billion years, roughly the same as the age of the Earth.

The voice that speaks in the exhibition deals with questions that arise when a collective memory is to be preserved for an unimaginably long time. When relatively simple information, like that of the dangers surrounding nuclear waste shall be passed on for a vastly remote future, what are the impending misinterpretations?

The recited text incorporates myth, web news, popular songs, poems, scientific reportage and legends into a confusing whole. Supposing our language will be obscured to the point of being indecipherable for future interpreters, what will remain of its original meaning and intentions?

Bullet time is a term within the film industry referring to an extreme transformation of time and space, making events visible that would be too fast for a physical camera to capture, such as flying bullets. This is possible within a computer-generated environment where the camera is detached from time and space.

The video work in this exhibition contains digital 3D animations in combination with images from a large cave in South Korea. The computer-generated forms move slowly as they blend with textures of the cave walls, weaving surfaces of algorithmic and geological origin. As the organic and the artificial collapse, the deep time of the cave wall is dissolved within the computer-generated environment, creating a suspension of temporalities, like that of a hero slowly dodging bullets.

- Nils Ekman & Muyeong Kim

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