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Onsdag-fredag 12-17, lørdag 12-15

Distorted Realities

Mihut Boscu, Ioana Iacob, Belenyi Szabolcs, Veres Szabolcs

05.10.2013 - 09.11.2013


Featuring works by Mihut Boscu, Ioana Iacob, Belenyi Szabolcs, and Veres Szabolcs, it is the second exhibition in a series of three that focus on works created at Fabrica de Pensule, Paintbrush Factory in Cluj, Romania.

Distorted Realities evolves around the particular sensibility that surrounds the community at Fabrica de Pensule. It is a sensibility or distortion that manifests itself as almost grotesque renderings of reality. The works created often articulate a perverted notion of destruction and reconstruction following the fall of a regime and system of belief.

Characteristically, this new generation of artists articulates reality as a "new" and radical different structure. The works are in dialogue with our (understanding) "reality" by offering different ways to look. For example, by focusing on the neglected, the non-neglected will be visible again, but different. There is a new understanding that, although all pieces of work have reality as an object, the work is not looking for a resemblance to the world as it appears. The goal is to maintain a focus on the actual significance and difference of what The Real can be. Reality is therefore not depicted directly, but must be constructed and created anew.

The circle of artists and works presented in Distorted Realities, share a critical strategy used to extract the real from the object from the given context. The exhibition focuses on painting as Cluj is characterized by an exceptionally strong painterly tradition - and thus also its distortion and penetration. Besides painting, the exhibition features installation and drawing.

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