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Kunsthal ULYS

Gl. Havnekaj 25, 5000 Odense C

MAIL: kunsthalulys@gmail.com

TLF: 2083 7830

WEB: ulys.dk

Torsdag 19-21, søndag 12-16

Die Welle

Holger Klintholm, Henrik Noer

10.02.2018 - 09.03.2018


“Every year people drown in the Mediterranean Sea. Humans become statistics, as the shoes drift ashore. We want to question the situation, and investigate the immigration-crisis through the lenses of art.”

“The installation is about the absurd and what happens when humans become numbers.”

“Klintholm & Noer have gathered an impressive amount of shoes already, from local donors and Red Cross centres in this on-going installation that is forever expanding. Made up of wooden modules, shoes and steel rods the ‘wave’ will continue to grow piece by piece.

Die Welle is not just an installation; it is architecture that forces the onlookers to move around the art piece and thus be encouraged to reflect on the theme all while being a part of the wave’s movement in time and space.“

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