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Hans Alf Gallery

Holbergsgade 8, 1057 København K

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Tirsdag-fredag 13-18, lørdag 12-15

Deciphering the Works of Michael Craig-Martin

Frank Fischer

21.01.2017 - 18.02.2017


For nearly twenty years, Swiss-born painter Frank Fischer has adhered to one specific and all-encompassing artistic vision with unwavering allegiance and zeal. Not a single piece that didn't fully comply with the ingenious formula he designed while still in art school has left Fischer's Southwark studio since he graduated. Frank Fischer does one thing and one thing only. But boy, does he do it well.

Fischer's concept, and thus his role as an artist, is both deceptively simple and utterly elegant: He's a decipherer of space. Each painting Fischer produces is a representation of something else; a translation of a space into a plane. Just like snapshots eradicate time, Frank Fischer's paintings deal in the reduction of dimensions; a continuous endeavor to articulate three as two. Really, Fischer's practice is something as rare as a philosophical abstraction carried out as a craft; each painting a physical manifestation of a meta-textual stratum.

In his latest solo exhibition with Hans Alf Gallery, Frank Fischer takes on iconic pop artist Michael Craig-Martin and the idiosyncratic palette of his oeuvre. This is a colour scheme hitherto unknown to the Fischerian universe, and fiends and foes alike should be amazed and bewildered by the psychedelic explosion of lines that awaits.

You simply don't want to miss this.

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