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Inter Arts Center

Bergsgatan 29, 214 22 Malmö

Onsdag–fredag kl. 14–17, lørdag og søndag kl. 11–14

Colliding Narratives

Helena Olsson, Ihra Lill Scharning, António Leal, Jesper Veileby

28.03.2015 - 11.04.2015


An idyllic collective for women in Stockholm, the found footage of future religious concerns, and the childhood memory of magical trickery.

Helena Olsson, Ihra Lill and António Leal + Jesper Veileby ask themselves "How does one tell a story, and what happens when more than one collide?" Through an installation show with video as its main focus the artists look at their interest in the fictive and chronicle, questioning what it means to have a narrative practice, and if it is as in the words of French philosopher Jacques Rancière - that the real must be fictionalized in order to be thought.

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