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Kunsthal Charlottenborg

Nyhavn 2, 1051 København K

MAIL: info@kunsthalcharlottenborg.dk

TLF: +45 3313 4022

FAX: +45 4533 1425

WEB: kunsthalcharlottenborg.dk

Tirsdag - fredag 12-20, lørdag - søndag 11-17

Charlottenborg Art Talks: PETER ADOLPHSEN & DAVID MUSGRAVE Ten Small Stories / Skeleton + Flesh

05.04.2017 -

Charlottenborg Art Talks: David Musgrave & Peter Adolphsen
"Ten Small Stories/Skeleton + Flesh" 

5pm - 6.30pm
Gratis entré

Aftenens art talk vil foregå på engelsk


In Ten Small Stories, Peter Adolphsen reads a sequence of short and very short stories. For each, he is transformed into a different animated glyph, diagram, creature or personage by his collaborator David Musgrave.

David Musgrave’s Skeleton + Flesh is a lecture, copiously illustrated with explanatory images, in which an artificial art history lecturer reflects on the termination of its employment.

David Musgrave is an artist based in London with recent solo shows at Luhring Augustine, New York and greengrassi, London. His novel Unit is published by LemonMelon. His second novel Total Abstraction is forthcoming from Somerset Press.

Peter Adolphsen is a Danish writer currently based in Oxford. His novel Machine was published in English by Harvill Secker in 2008, the novel Brummstein by Amazon Crossing i 2011 and a selection of his short stories was included in Best European Fiction 2011. His novel The Wrinkle Fuck Disease will be published in Danish by Gyldendal 2017.

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