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Friisgatan 15, 214 30 Malmö

Tuesday - Sunday 13- 17

c a r b o n - 1 4

Alexandra Hunts

12.05.2018 - 26.05.2018


Neutrons                       8
Protons                         6
Natural abundance       1 part per trillion
Half-life                       5,730+/- 40 years
Isotope mass                14.003241 u
Spin                              0+

Moving forward with the progress. Soils, materials, substances are merging and fusing together in order to re-melt and break up into the elements. Connections are lost, the traces are buried deep in the surface.
Dig, dig, dig… deep into the sky, high into the ground.
Let the investigation begin. Histories and facts scattered all around are connected by an invisible thread. One thing is always leading to another: original to copy, old to new, progress to degradation, forwards to backwards, end to beginning. 

Rotation is slowing down slightly over time; a day becomes longer than a century ago.
1.7 milliseconds.
Reconnection with the Earth.
Connection to the unknown of the past and the secret of the future.

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