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Last Resort

Borgergade 2, 1300 København K

MAIL: info@lastresortgallery.com

TLF: +45 2088 7011

WEB: lastresortgallery.com

Onsdag - Fredag 12-17, Lørdag 11-15. Lukket hele juli

Bummer Island

Michael Manning

24.03.2018 - 04.05.2018


We are very happy to announce Bummer Island, a solo presentaion of new works by Michael Manning. This is his second exhibition at the gallery.


Drift away on the seas of anxiety and land on the shores of Bummer Island.


Leave the klonopin at home, all you need is a bag packed with self-loathing and shaving kit full of narcissism.


Here on Bummer Island you can spend your days wasting away in the feeds of maligned twitter pundits and incendiary troll bots. There is endless time to rationalize the chaos and demonize the other, while sipping away on your favorite off-brand high-proof liquor (or sustainable meal replacement drink).


Are you sick of “taking the high road” as your ex-(insert applicable gender terminology) sub-tweets you with pejorative characterizations of your failed relationship? Are you terminally alone and sick of tweets about relationships? Let your furious exhaustion fill our echo-chamber of despair!


Nothing escapes Bummer Island - but it doesn’t matter because once you are settled here you’ll never want to leave.


Michael Manning (b. 1985) lives and works in Los Angeles. His work explores alternative approaches to producing and distributing traditional art objects using technology and social networking. Manning makes paintings, videos, and installations that stem from the internet and software, utilizing the crypto-materiality of computer technology in conjunction with his interest punk counterculture movements. Manning has had recent solo exhibitions at Gavlak Gallery Los Angeles/Palm Beach, Mon Cheri, Brussels; CURA, Rome; and Sommer Contemporary, Tel Aviv. He has also been included in group exhibitions at notable institutions including the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, and Eyebeam Center for the Arts, New York.

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