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Brazil: Land of the Future

Carla Zaccagnini

24.05.2015 -

'Brazil, the Land of the Future' is almost an axiom, an automatic pronouncement, something like 'Paris, the City of Light' or 'New York, the Big Apple'. Brazil: Land of the Future is the translated English title of a book published in German in 1941 by the Austrian Stefan Zweig, who arrived in the country one year earlier, a fugitive from the war and willing to write 'the Brazilian book', as announced in a telegram to his local editor.

The book 'Brazil: Land of the Future' exalts the already notorious immensity of the country's territory and its natural resources, but it also praises the supposed characteristics of its inhabitants who, 'under the imperceptibly depressing influence of the weather, grow less impulsive strength, less vehemence, less dynamism...'. It seems to be in this lack of potency created by heat that the promise lives of a 'future civilization' in which humanity will live in peace. Not through a struggled solution of injustices, therefore, but due to a natural dissolution of forces.

The talk is the presentation of an on-going research about this book and the context in which it was published.

NB! In English.

Free admission, but limited number of seats.



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